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the 3 H's

We teach you all the cool stuff you probably need to know in between coming up with a crazy idea and running a badass business. Be a true Hipster, Hacker, Hustler or the preferred mix of the three. 


learning by doing

Nobody ever learned anything by talking so we make you do things. Combine the best visual tools and create a compelling vision that you can test on your audience. Learn new skills, behaviours & knowledge. 


join the society

At H3Society we offer online courses which will put you in contact with people from all over the world. We seek to create lasting value by unlocking your full potential and transform into lifelong learners.  



 ‘Innovation’: the word has a glamourous ring to it.

In reality, innovation is hard work, and things really get tough when your awesome idea first meets the brutal realities of the real world.

That is the crucial time, when your initial assumptions prove beside the mark. Your ideas turn into crash-test dummies, and it’s your job as an innovator to figure out a way to keep them alive, and shape them in such a way that they not only survive impact but thrive and become successful.

The good thing is, this means innovation can be learned.

We teach you everything you need to know to about building badass businesses. We'll learn you how to validate your ideas as quickly as possible, so you can iron out the kinks before you go all-in on your next venture. After all, it is much better to invest in a sure thing than to gamble and hope for the best. So join the Society and be a Hipster, Hacker, Hustler or a little bit of all. 


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